From retail to real estate and anywhere in between, Volt Software develops beautiful, effective and cost efficient solutions.

Whether for large complex solutions or a single app, our team of experts will help you find the right approach to your vision.


The customer experience is the solution.

No matter if you are in retail, real estate or food service, knowing your users' and customers' needs is where it starts and ends. A shopper-centric approach is needed to exceed a client's needs and expectations while taking advantage of the latest technologies. Instead of focusing on e-commerce, m-commerce, big data, and project management, the focus should be on finding the best solution to engage with your customers.

At Volt Software we develop smart and elegant solutions that enable our clients to focus on what is most important to them; we deliver an optimal customer journey to products and services, creating a joyful customer experience every time.


Our understanding of business helps avoid "vaporware" development.

Engaging with us means we will sit down with you and develop a strategy, agree on a roadmap and establish a communication style that will move your projects from idea to reality with a clear understanding of the business objectives. We are an Agile development team that applies proven discipline to the process to deliver solid results.

Great software products are those that will do more than meet the immediate requirements; they are powerful, flexible and easy to maintain, with lower long-term costs, higher impact and greater pleasure to use. Products we develop can be complex, simple, small, or extremely large in scope. If you are looking for more than hours of coding work, we are happy to help.


Based on many years of experience in the retail, food service and real estate, we have developed a set of solutions in the following three areas:

  • A) Information
  • B) Connection
  • C) Gamification

A) Information: Never before have there been so many possibilities to learn about whom you are working with. What they do, when they do it and maybe even why they do it. Successful organizations know how to gather this type of information and use it effectively.

At Volt Software we develop smart, scalable and secure solutions to deal with large amounts of information so that you can use the data in a flexible and useful way.

B) Connection: Getting the right piece of information to the right person at the right time.

Be it internally on long-distance project management teams, or externally in the form of targeted messaging in retail or restaurant environments, at Volt Software we can assist you with years of experience in the industry and knowledge of what’s coming next.

C) Gamification: It is becoming more and more important for customers to get engaged with your brand. Customers bond and return when their mobile experience and personal expectations are enhanced through fun, engaging and surprising technology initiatives.

At Volt Software we have successfully developed interactive and engaging solutions with the help of augmented virtual reality tools, motion and trigger driven game style applications and touch-screen technologies. Understanding your business and needs means we can develop exciting solutions with the help of the latest technologies.


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